Zauberwürfel Bregenz Madella-Mella Style Magic Photo Cube

  • €25,00

Zauberwürfel ...Spielen bringt Freude
Lass dich überraschen von Bildern aus Bregenz

Display up to 9 photos with this magic cube. Whilst playing with this cube, you will find your photos are gradually reveal themselves, each on a different surface. This gadget is designed for display and fun purposes.
Using advanced printing technology, your photos will be illustrated in true color and firmly assembled onto the magic cube.

  • Designed to accommodate 6 small and 3 large photos
  • Ideal as office gifts
  • Consists of 8 mini cubes
  • Measures approximately 6cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • Suitable for ages 6+

Magic Photo Cube Demo: